Sodexo Pioneers the Digitization of the Food Card Industry with Its Innovative Solutions!

Sodexo Advantage and Reward Services continue to design innovative products and services that will make life easier for customers, users and member businesses and add value to their business processes. Sodexo, which aims to overcome these challenges with digital value offerings by discovering the difficulties experienced by its stakeholders in their daily lives, has recently launched 3 separate launches aimed at 3 key stakeholders in the food card industry:

1 – Employers’ physical card distribution problems are eliminated by Mobile Card

The Mobile Card,which offers all the services and privileges sodexo offers for Restaurant Pass for free, is not physically printed and is the first in the industry; eliminates problems and delays that may occur during the physical card distribution process for the employees of the companies and allows companies to produce food cards within minutes. Mobile Card,especially the number of employees and circulation is high, gives a great advantage to companies with employees in different locations. Employees, on the other hand, enjoy easy, fast and secure payment with mobile card that they can use by creating profiles in the Sodexo Mobile App.

2 – Employees’ obligation to carry cards ends with Mobile Payment

Thanks to Mobile Payment, Sodexo, which converts every smartphone with the Sodexo Mobile App installed into a meal card, eliminates the obligation to carry cards. Even if they don’t have their cards, users are easy to pay quickly and safely. Employees can also practically view contracted member businesses through the Sodexo Mobile App, where they can pay mobile.

3 – All Devices Connected to the Internet Become POS thanks to Pocket POS

With the mission of becoming a reliable business partner, Sodexo digitizes the lives of member businesses and digitizes their business processes. Sodexo’s new technology Cep POS, which enables secure payment from all devices connected to the Internet without a physical POS device, reduces the costs of member businesses and increases efficiency. Eliminating the obligation to carry and possess the device, Cep POSends long queues in crates even during peak hours and significantly reduces workload. Sodexo, which always makes life easier with innovative solutions, also allows member businesses to bill bulk with Cep POS.

Sodexo, whose most important priority is to create digital value offerings that give an advantage to all its stakeholders, aims to maintain its leading brand position in the sector by continuing its investments and partnerships in this direction.

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