Sodexo people enjoy free meals with the Marble Reward Program

Offering the freedom to choose with more than 45,000 contracted cafes, kiosks and restaurants throughout Turkey, the Sodexo Restaurant Pass food card offers privileges that make employees’ lives easier. One of these privileges, the Musketal Reward Program,gives up to 10 percent additional balance as you spend on Sodexo and ends the problem of ending the balance early at the end of the month. Marble member restaurants can spend the marbles with their hearts in the same restaurant network, so that the average of two lunches a month eats for free.

The 95,000 Sodexo people who benefited from the Marble Reward Program have gained close to 4 million marbles in their spending so far in Misket-member restaurants. Thanks to the marbles, each corresponding to 1 TL, Sodexo people benefited from the full 200 thousand free food advantages.

It’s pretty simple to take advantage of the marble program. Employees automatically use the program once after signing up for the Marble program by downloading the free Sodexo mobile app. The gained marbles begin to accumulate by loading on Restaurant Pass meal cards.

Thanks to the Marble Reward Program, companies are adding a new one to the advantages it offers its employees. The satisfaction and commitment of employees who can earn more than the balance invested in their firms’ accounts is increasing. So both employees and employers win.

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