Sock Model Made with Five Skewers Narrated Construction

The sock booty model made with five skewers is narrated. The narrative construction of the sock booty model, which is made using 5 skewers, is videoped here.

We shared booty models made with two skewers in the category. For the first time, we will share the booty model made with 5 skewers. For this example, which we can also call a knitted socks model, you have not heard wrong 5 skewers are used. Maybe you’ve heard that you’re knitted with so many skewers. This sock model, which is shared as a knitting world, is an advantage because it is both long and thick. Because thick socks will keep your feet warmer. As in this model, it is knitted with thick booty ropes.

If you intend to knit booties in mind, we recommend that you try the booty knitted with five skewers. As you can see in the picture, the booty model is like machine planting. So you can see the perfection of dexterity if you look at the pack. Ladies who know how to use five skewers knit this sock. For ladies who don’t know, our advice is to watch the video carefully.

The paws used to be with flowerbugs. I mean, in the old days, the booties were more decorated. Although baby paws are now adorned, adult booties usually use one color or two colors. Simple-looking booty models are more preferred. That’s why the booties are easier to build. If the ladies who knit develop themselves a little bit, there’s nothing they can’t knit. Everything from the booty to the sweater, from the vest to the dress can be done with knitting.

Now watch the video to learn the details of the booty model with 5 skewers. If you have free time, watch the video and learn how to make 5 skewer skewers.

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