Sock Booty Making

We’re here with the making of sock booties. Would you like to learn how to make handmade knitted booties that you can use as socks?

Would you like to use booties instead of socks for your feet during winter or cold days? Keep your feet warm with your own socks. We’ll tell you about the construction of the heart-decorated sock booty model with a red rope shared on the Nur_crochet page.

From this model you can knit yourself, your partner or children with different colors. The making of sock booties is explained simply below.

I started 50 stitches and knitted five rows of harasso. I pulled 11 stitches out of the middle, like the two pictures in the back, and knitted straight from the wrist to the level of achieving.along with the heart in the middle. Then I pulled out a noose from the right side and knitted 15 rows, knitted the same on the left side, and with the last 11 nodes in front, I knitted the whole base up to the heel and closed the nodes. I lost the noose on the heel. I knitted a small heart with the last crochet and sewn it on his heels, i don’t remember the brand of the rope, you can take a medium-thick rope and use a skewer according to the number on it.

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