Snapchat deepfake feature puts Cameo up

Snapchat, which will launch the Deepfake feature Cameos on December 18th, will allow users to add their own faces to videos. Built on Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature, Cameos is described as an easy way to place your face in GIFs with deepfake.

To use Snapchat’s Cameos feature, you first need to take a selfie via the Snapchat app. This selfie determines your character in the video. You can then place your own face in these videos by choosing from 150 videos made by Snapchat.

After you put your face in the videos, Snapchat modifies your photo and places new gestures. Mimics may vary depending on the content of the video you choose, while others may be sleeping while laughing.

Snapchat, which has always managed to maintain its authenticity by combining social networking infrastructure with sound technologies, is again not surprised by what it knows. So far, the app has hosted technologies ranging from augmented reality to bitmoji, geolocation to payment methods. Snapchat, which brings temporary content to the social networkecosystem with story format, integrates Deepfake into a social networking app for the first time.

Snapchat, which has managed to distinguish itself from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp with this new feature, has been testing Cameos with selected users in international markets for some time. The company will introduce the feature to iOS and Android users around the world on December 18th.


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