Smart swimmer’s glasses: FORM Swim

We’re used to seeing examples of augmented reality in the field of sports technology. The initiative, called FORM, has a product that targets swimmers. The smart swimper’s glasses produced by the company convey important figures about the swimmer’s performance to his eye in real time.

Additional apparatus worn by swimmers can affect performance while swimming in the pool. That’s why it’s much more advantageous for many swimmers to use smartwatches than smartwatches. In addition, the information provided at any time and instantaneously is much more useful for swimmers. In addition, FORM has its own iOS and Android apps.

Dan Eisenhardt,founder of FORM swimwear, is a former professional swimmer. Eisenhardt, who is also the founding partner of Recon Insturements, designed one of the world’s first smart glasses. The entrepreneur who sold the company, which they founded in 2010, to Intelin 2015, now works for smart swimmer glasses FORM.

FORM has recently added new features to itself. One of the latest new features added to the product is the technology that measures heart rate. Thanks to the collaboration with polar, smart swimmer’s glasses have also begun measuring the heart rate of swimmers with their OH1/OH1 optical sensors.

Powered by Bluetooth technology, the device is waterproof to 10 metres long. Smart swimmer’s glasses, which run for 16 hours on a full charge, cost $199.

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