Small Heart Patterned Skewer Work Colorful Booty Construction

Our sharing of booty models continues with the construction of small heart patterned skewers. We shared the Turkish video of the stages of construction of the colorful chic-looking skewer-work path.

Are your feet cold? If socks aren’t enough when you’re walking around the house and your feet are getting cold, you can prevent it with a booty. Crochet or skewer skewers will prevent this. Your feet will stay warmer like this. The knitted booties you will make on your feet will not only be very expensive and you will be able to warm your feet by making and wearing them in a short time.

This model is made using yellow and brown woolboot rope. The number 39 40 is knitted for the feet. Start with 57 stitches for 36 37 feet.  Start with 61 stitches for number 37 38. For number 39 40, if you do it with 67 stitches, these number of stitches is ideal. The skewer is knitted with a number 3 skewer. In the video model, it starts with 67 stitches and is knitted for the feet of number 39 40. Small heart motifs are used starting with 2 skewers and finishing with 2 skewers without stitches.

starting at the ankle. Two colors are used to make the model harosha. A straight mesh model was also used. The base part of the stitching according to your own foot is knitted as harosha.

Heart Patterned Booty Construction

Our skewer or crochet narratives will continue. Since knitting is very knitted during the winter season, we will share narrative weaves as a weight. If you like knitting to reach more people, you can share them on your social media accounts. You can also ask what you might think about the small-hearted booty construction with the video above.

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