Sliced Pouch Fiber Making

The sliced pouch, which is a brand new fiber model, is here with a very nice description of the fiber making. A video of crochet fiber construction can be found here.

We crochet the fibers we used as bath sacs. Sometimes we knit with skewers, but we usually crochet. Crochet fiber models come up with new examples every day. We’re trying to add new models here. Our latest model is the sliced pouch fiber making model shared by Ören Bayan. This example, which you can use as a dowry, is very easy to make.

The sliced pouch fiber model is as easy as other examples. It is a model that can be easily knitted by a lady who has knitted fiber and has been shown to be made with video. A 54-minute video provides full details about fiber. Let’s learn about fiber making, materials and more together.

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