Sleep tracking for Apple Watch could be introduced next week

Apple,which will hold an event on September 10, will showcase its new products and technologies. As the september 10 deadline approaches, rumors of innovations apple can promote are growing. Apple will present a new feature for Apple Watch models, according to a report shared by 9to5Mac today.

According to shared information, Apple will offer sleep tracking for Apple Watch models at next week’s event. “Time in Bed Apple’s sleep tracking feature,which will have the name tracking” will measure sleep quality, movement, sound and heart rate.

Just like other Apple Watch data, data obtained through sleep tracking will be available through Apple’s Health app. Let’s also add that apple watch will have a new app called “Sleep,” which is called sleep.

Let’s also remind you that apple watch models don’t last very long. Apple Watch models need enough charging to make the feature available. The problem is that Apple Watch users usually plug their smartwatches intothe charger at night.

According to shared information, Apple Watch models will also send a notification to plug the watches into the charger before bedtime. Let’s also remind you that 3rd party apps can track sleep with Apple Watch. Finally, let’s add that no information has been shared about which Apple Watch models will be available for sleep tracking.

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