Slack launches dark mode feature for desktop versions

Slack,which is very popular as the communication application of the business world, can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms. According to information shared by Slack today, the dark mode feature for desktop versions of the app has arrived.

Slack’s dark mode is available for Windows, macOS and Linux versions. Let’s also remind you that Slack already offers 10 different color themes. Until now, however, these themes could only be used with light-colored design.

From today you will also be able to use the 10 color theme with dark mode. Note that this dark mode feature was available months ago for mobile apps available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Underlining that dark mode is an important feature for many people, George Zamfir,product manager of Slack accessibility, said that this mode is useful for working at night or in low light. there is also a need for accessibility causes such as visual impairment, migraine or other visual disorders.

You’ll need to update or restart your desktop app to activate the new dark mode option in the themes section in settings.

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