Skyryse’s autonomous flight-capable helicopter made its maiden flight

Skyryse,a California-based venture, has taken a different approach compared to other aviation ventures. Instead of producing a new aircraft, the initiative, which aims to provide autonomous flight capabilities to existing helicopters providing transportation, has begun testing its flight platform.

The system Skyryse Flight Stack, which was integrated into a modified helicopter that received the necessary permits from the FAAof the U.S. Aeronautics Administration, flew the helicopter on its own. The attempt, Skyryse, aired the helicopter under the control of helicopter pilots and successfully carried out the system flight that Skyryse developed.

The autonomous flight system, integrated into a specially modified version of the Robinson R-44 helicopter, can become a standard after the necessary permits, tests and approvals. This is enough innovation to revolutionize air taxi transportation. Because the flight system can be integrated into helicopters already flying with pilots without a new hardware investment, the most important feature is. This will allow helicopters to operate regardless of many binding physical or psychological conditions, such as pilots and pilots’ working hours.

Skyryse has serious competitors in this area, while aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing are working on their own air taxi projects, while helicopter manufacturer Sikorskyhas a project called SARA (Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft). If the project can stand out from these established names, it has the potential to become a serious brand in the field of air transportation by helicopter.

Mark Groden,founder and CEO of Skyryse, said the capacity of the software they developed in the autonomous flight field is a big step in air transport. With the expertise of a highly experienced team in aviation, autonomous flight software has created a tight alternative to human pilots. According to Skyryse, autonomous flight software can fly more safely and efficiently than pilots.

By watching the video below, you can witness skyryse’s first autonomous helicopter flight.

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