Skewer’s Gospel Blue Lady Booty Construction

The skewer work made with pearls and skewers is made of lady booties. Those who want to make pearl skewers with two skewers can start knitting by watching the video we share.

The booties are knitted with either crochet or skewers. Although some women prefer crochet while making booties, most women knit skewers and booties. I’ve had more swollen booties for a long time. Especially the booties made with two skewers are very popular. The ladies are knitting great booties with two skewers. Of course, the booties are often decorated with motifs and patterns. Sometimes beads and pearls are used to decorate. The groinused for the construction of the booty combines with the skewer, resulting in a magnificent model.

In the video, pearls are attached to the path, booties, patterns are knitted and a lot of information is included in the video. Once you know the model, you can also make different patterns by arranging pearls according to your head. If you don’t have a blue paly, how about watching the video and knitting it?

If you want to look for different models and learn more examples, they can check out the video narrations in the category. If you want to learn more models, you can follow us frequently.

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