Skewer Work Love Flowers Shawl and Vest Model and Construction

Again, we are with the beautiful and very desired love flowers knitting model. This knitting model used for making shawls and vests made with skewers is narrated with Turkish video.

Ladies, first of all, welcome to our site. Your comments have decreased this way? I wonder if you don’t like our models. We’re going to work hard for you and trying to find the most beautiful models. We also look forward to your valuable comments. Don’t hold your mind on your comments about the narrative weaves we share.

We continue with knitting models used in shawls and vests. The knitting model, called love flowers shared in the group, received a lot of requests. There were ladies who asked me what I could do with this knitting. First, let’s tell you what you can do with the example of love flowers. Bridal vests and shawls can be knitted. Apart from that, you can knit vests and shawls for yourself. The motifs of this knitting are shown in the mother’s affairs channel. Our visitors will also know how it is done with the Turkish video we added to our site.

If you want to knit differently, if you want to make the most beautiful vest, check out the vests we have published. You can reach dozens of models, from skewer vest models to crochet vest models.

Sevgi Çiçeği Örgü Modeli

As a material, angora glitter wool rope and 3.5 number are knitted with skewers. Do not knit with very thin skewers. Motifs with thin skewers do not manifest themselves. If you pay attention to the skewer and the rope, the posture of the knitting will be superb. With this knit, you can knit beautiful bridal vests and bridal shawls.

The sample is set in multiples of 10. After we discard the stitches, we knit a row straight. In the video, Ms. Sevgi explained all the details of the knitting. The video is below and is described in a short video in Turkish.

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