Skewer Work Diamonds Knitting Model With Blue And White Yarn for Each Knitting

Today we share the construction of the much-loved diamond knitting modelfor the ladies of knitting. Diamonds knitting model is one of the models that looks very stylish. The sample is set up with 5 stitches and 3 stitches space in between.

In the video where we share the diamond knitting model, the color rope is worked with white rope. Of course, you can use these rope colors differently if you like. First of all, with our colored rope, we knit 4 rows of all the stitches so that the front face is flat and the back is upside down. Then we get the white rope and the edge noose without knitting it. And then we knit one straight.

Now we’re in the second grade. We sink into the bottom row of the noose and remove one long node. We knit two stitches straight and pull out one longer node from the same place. Again, we knit two stitches straight and make one longer one. And then we jump without knitting three nooses. We’re applying the same model again. On the back of the knitting, we cut the first 2 nooses like straight knits and we knit one straight. Again, we knit one noose and 1 straight. We cut together the last two nooses and bring the sample back to its old number.

Elmaslar Örgü Modeli

We jump again without knitting the three nooses in the intermediate sections and we knit the other model. We knit 4 rows of straight knits and then we continue to slide and knit the model.

You can use the diamond knitting model to knit women’s braids and baby braids. If you like the model, you can also look at the description. Our narrative weaves will continue at full speed. You can frequently visit the knitting videos and narrated knitting categories and follow the new additions.

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