Skewer Teddy Bear Making

Did you know that baby braids can be made with skewers or toys? You’ll learn that with skewer toy making. You can make toys for your children or grandchildren by taking your knitting skewers in your hand.

Make your children happy with toys made with your own hand- made instead of toys made with chemical materials. You can make the play bear using knitting ropes and skewers. The purpose of sharing the making of a teddy bear is to make your children play with healthier toys.

Materials used to make teddy bears; Green and white baby wool, 3 size skewers, black rope and fiber will suffice.

We’re starting to make the teddy bear from the foot. We put 10 stitches with a white rope and we knit five tooth harosha. And then we go to the green rope. We knit nine teeth of a green rope. We knit the other leg of the teddy bear in the same way. Then we combine the two legs that we make and wewea 8 teeth with 20 stitches. We increase 5 stitches with green rope from the edges, 5 stitches with white rope and 10 stitches each. The number of stitches will be 40. We knit 5 nodes with white rope to harosha, 30 stitches with green rope to harosha, then with white rope, 5 harosha and 18 rows. We cut 10 nodes from the edges and weave 20 stitches and 13 teeth with white rope. With the green rope, we knit 13 teeth harosha and increase the edges again by 10 stitches. We knit 40 nooses to 9 tooth harosha and cut 10 nodes from the edges. We’re knitting 10 nooses for 10 tooth harosha. We cut the stitches in half for the leg parts and finish by knitting 10 noose and 15 tooth harosha. We sew the teddy bear and fill it with fibres. Finally, we do the mouth, nose and eyes with black rope.

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