Skewer Mesh Easy and Very Stylish Booty Model

Suzan is a booty model from the hobby that is easy to knit and very stylish. Ms. Suzan described the construction of the path in detail in video.

We’re adding another one to the booty models made with skewers. This model is from Ms. Suzan. Those of you who know Miss Suzan know. She shares beautiful braids on her blog and on her YouTube channel. His shared braids are getting thousands of likes. Most of the time, he publishes new models to his followers with narrative braids. The last thing he shared was a very stylish booty model made with shish knitting. You will love this knitting model, which is one of the dowry booty models made with skewers. Those who say they want to make the best shoes can knit from this booty.

Of the dozens of narrative booty models we share, I would say this model is one of the most beautiful. Ms. Suzan was very beautiful and descriptive. Let’s learn how to make the boot from start to finish with 2 videos.



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