Skewer Job Knitting Girl Baby Dress Making

We share a video of the much desired baby girl’s dress. All the information about making knitted baby girl dresses.

There were a lot of people who wanted us to share the structure in the comments made for the baby girl dress models we shared. We thought we’d share the most wanted dress model. We shared the production video of the skewer dress, also called a girl’s baby dress with a collar.

2 Nako Luxury Minnosh and 3.5 number skewers were used. We’re starting the dress making from the back. We’re shooting 130 stitches. The details of the girl’s dress are on video.

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About a month ago, we shared knitted baby dresses. We said that we would share the construction of the most popular model among these dresses. The baby dress with the collar was the most admired and interpreted model. I was planning to share the model with pictures. But when I saw his video, I wanted to share it in case it was better understood.

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you can make a baby girl dress using wool ropes in the colors you want. You can find everything about the dress in the video. Our friend who said everything, including the materials used and the materials used, which were used in how it was made.

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