Skewer Job Easy Baby Shoes Recipe

Easy baby shoes recipe for those who want to make baby shoes. Newborn babies can make very nice knitted booties with skewer work.

We share with you the narrative of a model that even those who are just starting to knit can easily do. This baby booty model is done with skewer work. We shared the numbers and construction details of this booty model that babies can wear until the age of 1. If you’re going to make a booty, you can choose this example.

Knitting is one of the most popular things women do among the baby paws, the most beautiful models have been published on our site before. we continue to share the narratives of new models every day. Examples we’ve already shared can be found in the category. Let’s take a look at the skewer recipe for easy baby shoes. The construction and details of the path is below! Taken from the model page.

Kolay Bebek Patiği Tarifi 1

Let’s start if your ropes are ready?
I’ve used Himalayan Bebe luxury and 3.5 no skewers. You guys can use any baby rope you have. With the numbers I’ve made, it’ll be a suitable booty until the age of one.
1* We put 41 stitches on our skewer and we knit a row of harosha and come to the front. We knit the two nooses on the edge and make one boost. 18 nodes exors 1 increase 1 node or 1 increase 1 increase 18 stitches or 1 increase 2 stitches or so our first row is finished.
We’re knitting all the stitches in the back. I did the boost as a secret auction, you can do it by circling it if you want.
We always do the boost on the front percentage.
2*When there are a total of 61 stitches in our shuffle, i.e. when there are a total of 6 rows of harosha, we attach our second color rope on the front of the knitting and we knit 4 rows straight. The back percent, that’s 5. Next, we knit the noose on the base with the bottom noose on the place where we attach the blue rope and we make the fuse part. (3. As I showed in the picture)
For now, I’m going to share the second chapter in a moment. You know, I just got home from work. You can do this part while I do my work.

Kolay Bebek Patiği Tarifi 2

The last time we did the suppository part. It’s time to do the upper part.
In the front part of the knitting, we knit 3 rows of harosha over 61 nodes without any excise or increase with our white rope, and now we start extensing in the front. Here we divide the number of stitches in our schik into 3 to be 20-21-20. 20 stitches, 21 and 22. Cut the noose together, cut 17 nodes, knit 2 nooses together, cut them together, and again we complete the sequence in the form of 20 nodes. We’re coming forward by knitting the back row to the harosha. Again, we knit 20 nooses, we cut two nooses, we knit 15 nooses, we knit two nooses together, we knit 20 nooses. We always do the cuts in this way until the front ends the nodes in the middle. At the last cut, we cut together the three nooses that were left in the middle. So the cutting process is over. Now there’s 41 stitches left in our shingles.
The sequel is coming up.
Note: friends who want to knit the paw in one color. You can also see the single color on the page.

Kolay Bebek Patiği Tarifi 3

Yes, we’re here for the last chapter. After the cutting process was finished, there were 41 stitches left in our shish, and now we’re raising a noose on the edge so that the stitches come across. We’re weaving an upside-down straight in 7-8 rows over 42 nodes. When it’s time for the blue rope, we tie our rope on the back side so the striped part stays on the bottom. First we knit and cut 21 nooses in 7 rows, then we knit and cut the other 21 nooses with blue rope, as shown in the 7 rows of pictures. Finally, we sew and finish.

Kolay Bebek Patiği Tarifi 4

I decorated it using the wooden buttons I had in my hand. You can decorate it any way you like.

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