Skewer Harosha Striped Booty Construction

Three-color harosha striped booty made with skewers. You can learn how to make this path that looks colorful with the Turkish video production phase.

The booty model is knitted as 3 inverted 2 straight. The number 37 is being made by throwing 70 stitches for the feet. For numbers 39 and 40, you can start by stitching 75 76 stitches. Knitted with three different color knitting ropes, this booty is knitted with skewers.

Oren Ms. Dora booty yarns were used for the booty woven with 2.5 number 3 skewers. The construction stages of the path were shared by Ören bayan with turkish video narration. You can watch the video to learn about the construction stages of the path.

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