Single-button bead cardigan counts for 3 years

The number of single-button bead cardigans made for 3-year-olds. Ladies who understand knitting, how about knitting from this cardigan?

It’s time to knit, and it’s already passing. Especially these days, it’s time to start knitting. The ladies who started the knitting season are already knitting. And have you started knitting?

For ladies who want to knit cardigans, we share the number of bead cardigans. Especially those who want to knit hooded cardigans can start knitting immediately with the numbers on the vest we share if they understand the knitting.

The number of hooded bead cardigans, consisting of a single button shared on the mother’s heat weaves channel, is given precisely above the images below.

Nako starts with 12 noose hooded china with diamonds and 3.5 number skewers. 55 teeth are knitted to the harosha and 12 nodes are cut at intervals.

Kapşonlu hırka sayıları

The numbers given in the cardigan model are for 3-year-old babies. By increasing the numbers, you can start knitting in large or small children.

Kapşonlu boncuk hırka

If the number of likes of this model increases, I will share more cardigans and vests showing similar numbers. If you want these shape shares, please like and share this model.

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