Simli Crochet Vest Construction

Crochet vest construction with glitter rope. If you are looking for crochet vest models and examples of knitted vests, you can look at this example which is easy and enjoyable to make.

There were those who were looking forward to sharing vests. So we came back with a good example. Our model is a crochet model made with glitter rope. This vest, which is easy to make, is often used as a dowry vest. The lady who loved the construction of this specimen, which we can also call a bridal vest, told us.

I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to sharing a new vest. I wanted to answer those who were waiting in this vest. Our vest sharing continues as usual. Even though we can’t share it often, we’ll find and share intermediate models. The reason we often share is because we’ve often shared a lot of examples before. And when we find a new example, we share it immediately.

If you want to make a knitted vest, prepare your glitter ropes and crochet. Then watch the video of Ms. Sevda’s vest narration. The glitter vest described in 14 minutes is an easy example of how to make it. As you can see from the video, you can use it as dowry vests, mother vests and bridal vests. Now it’s time to learn how to make crochet vests!

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