Shopping ads coming to YouTube

Google announced today that YouTube is launching new shopping ads. Thanks to this new ad model, brands will be able to promote their products and services on YouTube’s homepage and search results.

After that, when users search for a brand’s assessment, shopping ads will appear as a series of recommended products at the top of the page. This new ad model, which will be on top of the video search results, will be available in carousel format between videos on the homepage.

In the meantime, the first advertiser for shopping ads is Puma. However, it is possible to say that the platform will eventually become brimming with the products of new advertisers.

Rick Almeida, vice president of e-commerce at the Puma Group, said in a statement regarding YouTube ads:

Google says ads will be shown in a user’s interest, while users will not need to type brand names directly into the YouTube search engine to view brand products. So just make a run-in search for people to view shoe ads like Puma.

YouTube Shopping ads will be available to users through product details and information provided by the brand through merchant center, not through keywords.

In addition to these new shopping ads, YouTube also innovates video ads to make it more interactive on its platform. calls for action will be included.

The company will also launch site link extensions for TrueView in the coming months, allowing welcome pages to be added to ads so users can access additional information, such as product catalogs and hours when the shop is open.

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