Shear ShearS Flowering Needle Oya Model Illustrated Illustrated

We will share with you the construction stages of the needle point model made by wrapping around scissors. This needle point model is a floral bow vote model.

For those who want to learn needle play, we continue to publish narrative votes. The model we will now share belongs to Elif First. Elif First lady’s instagram page, the simple appearance of the simple appearance of the needle point is a model. Oya wrapped the rope in scissors and began to make the oya Elif lady has obtained a very beautiful model. Ms. Elif, I wrapped it around the end of the scissors. You can also go around skewers or something different, and a note has fallen on us just in case it comes easy.

This model, which is shared for dowry preparers, can be used in dowry writings, towels, tulle, prayer covers and mevlut covers. The construction stages have been very clearly shared. it is a model that a person who wants to learn needle votes can do very comfortably.

The construction stages of the Oya model can be found in the pictures below. If you have any thoughts, you can ask us by commenting in the comments section.

Makasa dolayarak iğne oyası modeli yapımı 1

Makasa dolayarak iğne oyası modeli yapımı 1

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