Sharing first financial quarter results of the year, Apple announces record-breaking revenue from services

Apple’s 4th anniversary of 2019. in October last year, we reported that it generated $64 billion in revenue. According to shared information, Apple’s service revenues reached a record high at the time. To remind you, the 4th anniversary of 2018. Apple,which earned $10.6 billion from its services in the quarter, was the third largest in 2019. revenue of $11.46 billion in the quarter.

Today, Apple, which shares a report of the first financial quarter of the year, announced that revenue from the services had also broken a record. According to shared information, Apple managed to generate $12.7 billion in revenue from its services in the first financial quarter of the year.

Apple’s service revenues include Apple Arcade, Apple TV+. Let’s also note that there are revenues from services like iCloud and Apple Music. Apple’s total revenue in the first quarter of the year was $91.8 billion. $91.8 billion came from iPhone sales of $56 billion.

By comparison, $52 million in revenue was generated from iPhone sales in the same period last year. In short, just like service revenues, there is a significant increase in iPhone sales. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who also shared a statement on the issue, underlined strong demand for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models.

When we look at Macs and iPads, we see a drop in sales. Mac sales generated $7.4 billion in revenue from mac sales in the same period a year earlier, while revenue of $7.2 billion was generated this year. Revenue from iPad sales fell from $6.7 billion to $6 billion.

Apple, which also forecasts for the second financial quarter of the year, said it expects revenue of between $63 billion and $67 billion in the second quarter. Apple also said that the $4 billion range of the estimate is being kept wider than normal, and that this is due tothe outbreak in China.

As it is known, a large part of the production of Apple products is realized in China. Apple, which has made its revenue forecasts at $3 billion in recent years, seems unclear how much it will be affected by the outbreak in China.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement that the situation is improving, and that they are closely following the situation.

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