Sequential towel edge oya construction illustrated

Sequential needle work and towel edge construction illustrated. We shared it for our very dear visitors who want to make a towel edge with a sequential vote.

Yes, dear ladies, in this article we share with you the construction of my newly made towel edge model. It is one of the easiest models among the edges of the towel. The model is a sequential vote model. We shared with pictures the construction of the towel edge model with the sequential vote we have published for women who want to make towel edges but are looking for an easy model.

Handcrafted hobbies also include vote shares for towel models that we publish on our site. Visitors who don’t know how to make them look at the pictures and learn how they’re made. In the pictures, gradually the construction of the vote is shown. It’s a great example for ladies who want to vote in order.

We shared the model among those who were looking for the sequential vote model to be made with crochet. If you know crochet, you can check out that model. Below, the construction stages of the towel edge bale are given in 5 stages.

Sıralı havlu kenarı oyası yapılışı 1

Sıralı havlu kenarı oyası yapılışı 2

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