Seeing Mouse Female Hooded Cardigan Model to Amaze

Anyone who sees it will be amazed! That’s a very pretentious statement, isn’t it?  We stand by our claim with the mouse tooth hooded cardigan model that those who see will be amazed?

This cardigan model is a beautiful and simple model for our newborn babies, our children. As it is known, baby cardigans have a special place in the mouse tooth knitting model, and you can choose this model if you want to knit a hooded cardigan for your baby and your children.

As can be seen in the image above, it is a model that shows itself quite well in white. That’s why we recommend knitting this cardigan with light-colored knitting. You can also choose any color button as a button color. If you have a baby girl, you can choose the knitting thread white and use the purple, red or pink color on the buttons. For male babies, baby blue knitting rope and dark blue buttons will be very stylish.  Of course, we have no doubt that they would prefer what suits your tastes.

You can listen to the detailed description of the model with the presentation of Elif Ms. Elif on the Youtube channel Elif Pirenvise My Baby Braids. If you subscribe to the channel and like sharing, you will thank Ms. Elif.

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