Sacha Baron Cohen: The best propaganda tools in history on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google

Sacha Baron Cohen, who recently came to prominent lye for Netflix’s portrayal of Eli Cohen in the Spy production, gave a speech on racism at the Never Is Now event organised by the Anti-Defamation League.

Describing tech giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google as the best propaganda tools in history, Cohen also addressed attacks by ethnic and religious minorities.

“All this hatred and violence is facilitated by a handful of internet companies that are positioned as the best propaganda tool in history.” Commenting on Cohen, Cohen continued:

In his speech, Baron Cohen also discussed the issue of political advertising, which has been on the agenda recently:

Later in his speech, Baron Cohen also criticized Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team’s defence for “freedom of expression.” Here’s a speech by Baron Cohen, who says bigots and ophthists should not be given a free broadcasting platform:

internet companies should be held accountable for the content on the platform, Cohen said, suggesting that these companies are the largest publishers in history. For this reason, these companies, newspapers, magazines and TV news subject to the standards and practices should be adapted, he said.

Internet companies can now be held responsible for hosting pedophiles targeting children on their platform, Cohen said, and that they are also responsible for hosting those who advocate the massacre of children because of their race and religion. he said it was necessary. Cohen argued that Mark Zuckerberg should be sent to prison the next time he did so, recalling that he condones foreign forces interfering in the election and the massacre in Myanmar.

The facebook response to Cohen’s speech was not delayed. In a statement, a Facebook official said hate speech is forbidden on Facebook:

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