Robot guns can accidentally kill masses, according to a former Google employee

Laura Nolan, an engineer who worked at Google’s autonomous drone project Project Maven, said humanity is banned by international law and lethal robots on the battlefield. Otherwise fully autonomous, nolan said, would lead to a massive atrocity at the hands of mismanagement.

In the meantime, let’s note that Project Maven was manufactured by Google for the U.S. Department of Defense. The project was intended to use artificial intelligence-assisted drones in the defense industry.

If you recall, following the agreement, Googleemployees protested the company, saying it was unethical to use the products they developed for the defense industry. Because drones were able to target the enemy and easily select from other people or objects with their artificial intelligence.

Nolan, who was hired for the Maven project and worked at the company for four years, said he realized that although he did not work directly in facial recognition, his work would be used to kill someone. Nolan said the technology it produces will be used to target and kill more people in places like Afghanistan, and fears that drones will eventually become artificial intelligence-assisted autonomous weapons.

Nolan believes this will lead to massacres and unjustkillings even under the law of war, noting that hundreds or thousands of Artificial Intelligence-assisted drones could be deployed in the field.

From unexpected radar signals to extreme weather conditions, many factors can affect the weapons’ system, Nolan adds. Similarly, drones may find it difficult to distinguish between people carrying weapons to hunt outside the war, Nolan said, adding that the weapon lacks the common sense and reasoning of the human touch.

Nolan reports that testing of these weapons can only take place on a battlefield. Nolan says:

The other frightening thing about these autonomous war systems is that you can only test them by deploying them in a real battle zone. The test, perhaps, is happening with the Russians in Syria right now, who knows? What we do know is that Russia opposes any agreement that is not allowed to ban these weapons at the UN. “

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