Robot broom manufacturer iRobot enters The Turkish market

IRobot,the inventor of the robot broom concept, announced its official entry into the Turkish market with a launch today. IRobot, which invented the Roomba Robot broom in 2002, has also sold more than 25 million robot broomsin total to date.

Important issues such as iRobot’s activities in the world, new products and targets in the Turkish market were discussed at the launch. The new robot broom room roomba i7+, Roomba s9+ and robot mop braava jet m6 with intelligent mapping system were also introduced at today’s launch.

Jean-Jacques Blanc,Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of iRobot EMEA, Antoine Garcia, EMEA Product Manager of iRobot, and Murat Kose,country manager of iRobot Turkey, attended the press conference. In her speech, Blanc stated that they are candidates to change Turkey’s cleaning habits and that they will rise to the leadership in the robot broom market in Turkey and successfully carry out the brand’s leading vision in turkey. targeted.

According to shared information iRobot Roomba robot broom and robot mat models in the Turkish market, All here, Teknosa, MediaMarkt, Amazon Turkey, Boyner, Broom Basket and will be available from platforms such as FutureHouse.

The Roomba i7+, which sets off with its goal, which is a first in the field of robot broom, provides a great comfort to users with its automatic dirt discharge function. Using clean base, the automatic dirt unloading system used as both a charging unit and a cleaning chamber, Roomba i7+ is available in our country with a price tag of TL 8,000.

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