Robadan Thessaloniki Baby Cardigan Making

Making a baby cardigan that should start from roba with Thessaloniki knitting. With Thessaloniki knitting technique, very beautiful weaves can be knitted or baby cardigans can be knitted.

with many knitting are knitted. Thessaloniki knitting model, which is also used in the making of baby cardigans, is one of the techniques used in our country. Dilek Yegin Balci our friend’s baby cardigan is very great. When I asked him to give me information on how to make the cardigan, he shared the following information with us. For those who find dilek’s narration difficult, I shared below the video of making a thessaloniki knitted baby cardigan. Now it’s up to you to know which one you’re going to learn from.

I started with 78 stitches 3.5 no. I put 7 front bands 7 forearms 11 back 19 and 21 times i increased it. I knitted 54 front 35 back 64 arms 4 cm to the arm segregation and then 8 rows straight. In between, we cut 4 1 nodes in 4 rows and after the flat row is finished, we weave 3 cm thessaloniki again and cut out the whole noose. The other arm is knitted in the same way and the remaining stitches are knitted as thessaloniki. After knitting 6 cm, we knit 14 rows straight, wewea again 12 cm thessaloniki and weave 3 teeth harosha.

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