Rigetti Computing’s quantum computers are available via Amazon Web Services

Quantum computers, which we can call the world’s most powerful computers, have been developed by companies like Google and IBM for many years. However, although we have heard of large technology companies in this sector, important companies such as Rigetti Computing also have considerable momentum. Because Rigetti’s quantum computers are now available through Amazon Web Services.

Rigetti Computing, one of the leading providers of integrated quantum computing systems, said quantum computers will be available to users through Amazon Braket, a product of Amazon Web Services. Bracket is a solution that enables scientists, researchers and developers to start experimenting in one place with computers from quantum hardware providers.

Users of the Amazon Bracket service will have access to Rigetti’s latest quantum processors based on 32-bit superconductor chip technology. This will help them create potential for organizations that use scientific or industrial applications at AWS to strengthen these workflows by integrating quantum capabilities into existing application architectures.

The new collaboration significantly increases customer access to Rigetti quantum systems, which have been in existence since 2017. To date, users have used Rigetti’s systems to develop optimization and applications in complex systems and run more than 120 million programs. Rigetti’s application development team is on quantum hardware platforms to develop specialized software solutions focused on simulation, optimization and machine learning for industry-leading organizations in finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, defense and energy Running.

Let us also remind that Rigetti Computing, which has previously received investments from Sutter Hill Ventures, Susa Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Lux Capital and Bloomberg Beta, Andreessen Horowitz and Vy Capital, includes Webrazzi founder and CEO Arda Holy and Colendi founder Bulent Tekmen.

Rigetti Computing, founded in 2013 by Chad Rigetti, is headquartered in Berkeley. The company also has offices in Fremont, Washington DC, Adelaide and London.

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