Ribbon Embroidery Kanzashi Flower Making

For lovers, we have shared ribbon embroidery kanzashi flower making. Details of how this flower is made for decorations are on our site!

Ribbon embroidery makes many decorative decorations. One of them is towels. The ribbon embroidery on the towels makes the flowers look beautiful.  There were ladies who wondered how they were made after our sharing. On top of this, we wanted to find the ribbon embroidery flower making and add it to our site. The construction of the flower is described in detail in the pictures below.

If this example gets a lot of likes, we’re thinking of giving it a frequency to ribbon embroidery sharing. If you’re interested, please like and share the sample. This will allow more people to benefit.

The Color Ribbon you want
And various beads to decorate the middle of the flower

Kurdele Nakışı Kanzashi Çiçeği Yapılışı 24

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