Removing facebook from Instagram doesn’t work

With Instagram’s connected accounts feature, you can easily connect your account to your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and However, if you want to remove the link, you’re not able to remove the link from Facebook with the same ease.

Users need to sign in by tapping the app’s grim logo before linking their Facebook profile to Instagram. When two profiles are connected, the “Unlink Account” option appears in the Instagram settings. At this point, when you click “Unlink The Account,” you get a small but important warning: “Removing the link makes it difficult to gain access to your account if you can’t log into your Instagram account.”

Usually at this point, yes, you might think that when you click Remove the Link, the link will be removed. However, a Facebook official said the untapped option was not performing its duty because it was not possible to distinguish between the two apps. In fact, for the same reason, even if a user didn’t connect their Facebook and Instagram accounts, he said he was intrinsically connected. It’s worth noting that the fake Instagram accounts you’ve opened are also being evaluated in this context.

Moreover, the data that Facebook obtains through multiple apps is sufficient to identify users and link accounts. When opening an account, even if you use a different name, email address, or device, for example, a WhatsApp profile you create from a disposable device, an Instagram account you use for stalk, or a fake Facebook profile can be easily associated. Facebook can determine who the account owner is, and it is informed whether facebook has any other accounts in the app family.

The Facebook official’s statement on this issue is as follows:

Facebook, which has long tried to drive traffic from Instagram to its platform with cross-sharing features, has changed the names of the app family to “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook” to remind users of its presence. Continues.

Facebook began linking accounts in the background, based on data it collected about users shortly after instagram in 2012, facebook official said. Facebook collects and associates this information about user activities in order to give users a personalized experience, the official said, adding that cross-platform activities in all applications under the company combined.

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