Regulation on rTÜ control brought to digital publishing was published in the Official Gazette

Last February, we shared with you the news that the audit of RTÜ passed through the commission to internet publications. Following this sharing, rTÜ control was introduced to digital publishing. However, the procedures and principles regarding the control of digital publications and the implementation of this regulation by granting the right to broadcast and transmission license stipulate that a regulation to be issued within 6 months in cooperation with the RTÜ and the Information Technologies and Communication Authority was expected to be edited. The expected regulation was published in the Official Gazette as of this morning.

The first article of the regulation published in the Official Gazette is as follows:

When we look at the above article, we see that RTÜ can directly intervene in digital broadcasting platforms operating in Turkey such as Netflix, puhutv and BluTV. In addition, media service providers who want to offer radio, television and on-demand broadcasting services only from the internet will receive a broadcast license from RTÜ. Platform operators who want to transmit these publications from the internet will also receive the authority to transmit publications from RTÜ in the same way.

Article 4 of the regulation states that the article “the content and selection of programs, radio and television broadcasting services, a broadcast flow chart, optional broadcasting servicesto have the authority of regulation and control for the presentation of a catalogue ” he’s taking it. We think that this suggests that digital broadcasting will soon be no different from watching traditional television.

The full regulation can be found here.

As Apple prepares to launch Netflix-like AppleTV +, and disney’s digital broadcasting service is just around the age before it airs, it’s safe to say that this new regulation upsets many internet users. We will continue to share future details. Stay tuned.

Netflix’s statement on the subject is as follows:

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