Refreshing a Rusting Old Tray

You can paint and refresh the rusty old tray with rich multi paint. If you have trays in your house that are worn out, you can recover them.

Would you like to refresh your aging trays that you have not used in your home? By making it look better than before. Using Rich multi paint, you can paint your outdated trays and make them look brand new.

You can also make it look nicer by painting the old tray and making patterns on it. Let’s see how logical the idea of opening a tray makes sense to you…

The idea of a renovation by a female friend has received thousands of likes. Our friend’s name is Rahime. Rahime painted her old and rusty tray with rich multi paint to refresh it. As a result, he got a very sweet tray.

Let’s take a look at what Rahime did when she was renovating the tray.

I painted 4 5 floors with Rich multi. I waited a day in between, glued the decoupage glue and the decoupage paper.  I haven’t thrown varnish yet, but I’ll throw three or four times.

you can also take a look at the idea.

The tray renovation shared in the recycling group has become the center of attention of the ladies. The purpose of sharing this idea with you is that if you have old trays, you won’t think about what I should do anymore.

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