Reddit and Snapchat announce new content sharing partnership

Reddit, the internet’s oldest social network, added a new Snapchat integration to sharing options on Monday. Users will now be able to share Their Reddit posts in Snapchat stories. Currently only available to iOS users, this new feature will soon be available to Android users.

In the meantime, let’s also mention that you won’t be able to share the content of every community on Reddit as part of the feature. Currently, Reddit allows you to share content from communities that are only safe to open at work and have a good position on the platform.

To take advantage of this new integration, simply press the share button for the content you want to share and select Snapchat. Once you’ve selected Snapchat, you can send the post as a private message or share it in your Story.

Snapchat users who have downloaded the Reddit app to their phone are directed directly to the original post on Reddit when they scroll up to see the content. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, let’s add that it will be redirected to the iTunes App Store.

Snap Inc. Partnerships Vice President Ben Schwerin and Product Development Director Vaibhav Sahgal did not neglect to share their views on this new integration.

Schwerin said in a statement that Snapchat users are interested in Reddit content, adding that with this new integration, Snap’s interaction with Reddit will strengthen the community and connectivity on both platforms.

Sahgal stressed that Snapchat is the first platform for partnership under the feature. Stating that they are curious about how the new feature will change their sharing habits and user experience, Sahgal said reddit users will use the feature to show new users only the original content available on Reddit they were waiting, he added.

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