Recycling Projects made from 7 Plastic Coke Bottles

You can use plastic coke bottles in many areas such as pots, bird feeders, piggy bank, etc. We shared 7 evaluation samples.

Stop throwing away plastic bottles of cokes you’re in. Now we’re going to use them to make beautiful products. For example, you can make a pot. Or you can make a manger for the birds to feed them. Some people can even make toy houses and boats. We have added projects made from 7 plastic coke bottles to our site to evaluate plastic coke bottles.

For example, if you want to evaluate the coke bottles you have collected, you can make a puff. Yes you can make puffs you didn’t hear wrong. You can glue the plastic bottles together and then cover them and turn them into puffs. We shared how it’s done in a picture below.

Puff from Coke Bottles

Kola Şişelerinden Puf

Owl from bottle

Kola Şişesinden Baykuş

Making a Cookie Plate from a Coke Bottle

Kola Şişesinden Çerez Tabağı Yapımı

Penguin from Coke Bottle

Kola Şişesinden Penguen

Pot from Coke Bottle

Kola Şişesinden Saksı

Cultivation of Flowers in a Coke Bottle

Kola Şişesine Çiçek Ekimi

Bird Feeder from Plastic Coke Bottle

Plastik Kola Şişesinden Kuş Yemliği

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