Recent Trend: Reglan Sleeved Sweater Model (Derya Baykal)

Yes, ladies, we’re opening today with a great, great sweater model that’s a recent trend, also known as the “sweater with advertising sleeves”, but originally a sweater with reglan sleeves.


A thick wool is essential for this model. If you’re going to knit it for your kids, you can use a thinner wool. You have to make your start without tires. The trendy reglan sleeve sweater model of recent times can be knitted with two different color wool rope.

The color choices are entirely up to you. If you want to give a recommendation, this model will be quite stylish, which you will knit with brown and cream color. It is possible to make them happy with a sweater model that can be a beautiful gift for your spouses and loved ones.

All you have to do is select the colors and take over the youtube video taken from The Smile with Derya Baykal, which is a fine description for you below. We would appreciate it if you would share your comments and opinions with us.

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