Pulley Work Fiber Models and Construction

We are here with the pulley work fiber models made in the nailed pulley. You can also learn how to make fiber in the pulley.

In the category of fiber models, we shared fibers made with knitting. These fibers were made with crochet or skewers. The fibers we now share are made with a studded pulley. Try the fibers that are among the must-haves of baths in a pulley. After examining the fibers made with nailed pulleys, the pictures showing how they were made just below are given in stages. You can also send gifts to your partner to your friend by making pulley fibers.

If you want to learn the pulley work and make fibers by taking advantage of the abundance of your time at home, you are in the right place. After examining the shares of pulley fiber models, you can also learn how to make fiber in the pulley by looking at how they are done. Let’s look at the pulley fiber samples and learn how to do them.

Çivili kasnak işi lif yapılışı 1

Çivili kasnak işi lif yapılışı 2

Çivili kasnak işi lif yapılışı 3

? to the inside of the pulley (cross-stitched)
9-) We complete the outer face of the pulley by throwing tight knots with the needle (all the overlapping parts will be removed)

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