Public expenditures can be tracked on the “” site, which will be launched next year

The “” portal will be launched next year in order to share data on public expenditures in a holistic and user-friendly format. Let’s also point out that this platform is not currently accessible.

According to information compiled from the Presidential Annual Programme for 2020,a series of steps will be taken next year regarding the management and supervision of public expenditures. In this context, a holistic and user-friendly format with budget and expenditure data is being created to contribute to improving citizens’ budget literacy.

The infrastructure, which will allow for more clear monitoring of public expenditures, is planned to be implemented next year. Within this framework, the “” portal will be implemented in order to share data on public expenditures in a holistic and user-friendly format. Thanks to this portal, the allocation and use of public resources will be accessible to the public in a understandable, traceable, comparable way.

Public procurement and contract processes will be improved to save public investment expenditures, increasing competition. E-tender and e-exclusion will be made compulsory in all procurement procedures. a qualifying system will be established for the willing and the products. Electronic contract management will be initiated and integrated with an integrated financial management system. Smart tender and the transition to contract management are also among the plans.

The Vehicle Law will be updated to take into account efficiency and efficiency in vehicle management. Legislation on public vehicles will be reviewed for this purpose. Vehicle inventory of public administrations under central government will be established. The cost center model and public fleet information system software will be developed.

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