Portable gaming computer from Alienware: Concept UFO

Dell’s subsidiary Alienware,which manufactures hardware for gamers, made a quick entrance to CES 2020 by announcing new concept products. Concept UFO,one of the most notable products of CES 2020 already, is a portable gaming device.

Currently offering a superior gaming experience with laptops, Alienware is in the form of a fully portable handheld console with concept UFO. The product bears great similarities to Nintendo’s Switch console as an image and concept, and is designed to reflect images on to the screen as well as being used as portable.

Alienware’s Concept UFOworks with the Windows 10 operating system. Alienware, however, has created an interface application that works with Windows 10 and the device. This interface gives the Concept UFO the same sense as a console. In addition to being used as a handheld device, the product can also be connected to the TV. In this case, just like the Nintendo Switch, you need to remove the controls on both shoulders of the device and combine them with an apparatus to convert them into remote control.

One of the most curious issues is undoubtedly performance. Although technical details have not yet been released, the messages from people who tried concept UFOs at CES 2020 are very positive. The performance of the device was highly appreciated at the fair, but it would not be right to make a definitive judgment until we see the release date and technical details of the device. However, the downsides should also be referred to, some users say they find the device a bit heavy.

Alienware, which wants to deliver a mobile gaming experience with its 8-inch display, is moving to a new front in the gaming hardware market, where it is already very powerful. Alienware’s future plans for the Concept UFO will soon become clear, attracting attention with its high quality and high prices. The device is expected to be released in 2021.

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