Plaid Knit Seat Blanket Making

Making seat blankets with plaid knitting model. You can make stylish and quality seat blankets with plaid knitting technique by making frequent needles with clicks.

I saw a seat shawl made with plaid knitting technique. I learned the name of the knit later, but I really liked the model. Ms. Sibel herself described the construction of the plaid knitting model. So I uploaded the video.

Winter is coming. On very cold days, especially if you’re too cold, the seat wraps are for you. You can get to the bottom of the seat blankets you’re going to knit and stay warm.Ekose Örgü

He’s hard to knit, he wants some attention. The crochet number is 3.5 lada knitting, which is completely attached to your hand, at 5 le. By the way, 3.5 will be 4 mm. It’s not number five. It’s going to be a seat blanket. That’s what it’s called 1. It’s about 30. It is knitted by crochet with frequent needles.

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