Pink Needle Point Model and Construction for White Headscarf

For those looking for monochromatic writing needle work, we shared a beautiful model with needle work. The edges of your writings will be very suitable for one-color needle votes.

In this article, we will share the construction of the one color oya made with needle work. This example, which we share the video with as a writing vote, is made with a single color rope. A dark rope for light writing, and a single color look for dark writing will make writing look better.

I recently made a prayer headscarf with a sequential and monochromatic writing model. When I did it, the color of the tulle was pink, and the color of the white rope was pink. You can do the job with a different color distraction rope. Now I’m going to do the new writing with a red color ping on the edge of the yellow writing. I’ll share it with you when I do.

If you’ve started writing or are going to start, be sure to make the best model. Search, find the best example of votes and do it. Not models you wish you hadn’t done after you’ve done it. Let’s see what you can think about the one-color sequential vote model.

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