Pet Bottle Rocket Construction

Another way to evaluate pet bottles is to make rockets out of pet bottles. You can make plastic bottles and toy rockets with your children.

In handcrafted projects, which are the best way to have fun with your children and give them dexterity, we can say that pet bottles are the ingredient that gives us the most creative ideas. Because with pet bottles, incredible things can be created. One of these jobs is the construction of rockets out of pet bottles. You can produce rockets that boys especially love and are interested in by leaving them with them to your child’s imagination. So, how do you turn a pet bottle into a rocket? The answer to this question can be found in the rocket-making stages we shared in our article. Good pleasure…

Pet bottle


Cardboard or thick cardboard

Colored and shaped stickers

Acrylic or fabric dye



Pet Şişeden Roket Yapımı 1

Pet Şişeden Roket Yapımı 2


Pet Şişeden Roket Yapımı 3

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