Pet Bottle Flower Pot Making

With the making of pots out of pet bottles, you can no longer afford to throw away plastic bottles. You’ll be able to make your own pot for your flowers.

Don’t throw away plastic water bottles, coke bottles, detergent boxes, yogurt and milk cans anymore. By evaluating them, you can both contribute to recycling and create decorative pots for your flowers. After reviewing this article, you will no longer be able to throw away plastic bottles. If you live in an apartment, you can make great pots for your balcony and use plastic bottles to make them. If you live in a detached house with a garden, you can make pots yourself for both the balcony and your garden.

I share with you the example of making pots from pet bottles shared in the recycling group. This example will give you many ideas.

Pet Şişeden Saksı Yapımı 1

First of all, we cut our pet bottle in the middle like the one above.

Pet Şişeden Saksı Yapımı 2

Pet Şişeden Saksı Yapımı 3

Pet Şişeden Saksı Yapımı 4

The friend who made this project informed us;

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