People’s own vehicle-specific hourly chauffeur app: Alfy

Alfred’s mobile app Alfy, which operates as a Concierge service, has been put on the air. Alfy takes people from their destination to the location they want to go to for a fee, and alfred concierge inc.’s call center offers 24/7 through the call center in Istanbul, “hourly driver to his own vehicle” service is carried to mobile devices.

Alfy is really easy to use. After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to your device, you create your profile directly with your name, surname, phone number and email address. Then you get a four-digit verification code on your phone, and once you’ve entered it, you can start using Alfy directly.

With the app, you pay your current location immediately, or at a later date and time, calling a driver and paying for your car from the app until the hour you drive. Let’s also point out that all of the drivers are trained in black suits, communication and driving.

While the user is working, Alfy can carry family members with vehicles waiting in parking lots, from shopping to bureaucratic procedures. It is possible to call Alfy to a meeting to a place with a parking problem or to reach the house safely after a recreation.

Let us point out that the transportation fee in Alfy is 150 TL and there is also an online tracking feature.

Let’s also note that first use is 30 percent off on Alfy, which is active for both iOS and Android users. To make a payment, simply identify your credit card to the application.

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