Penye Rope Basket Making Narrated Video

You can make beautiful baskets in square, oval, round, rectangular shapes from comb rope. Almost all of these baskets can be knitted in similar ways. Round and oval models are mostly knitted in one piece, while you can knit the others in a few pieces and then combine them together.

You can use the comb ropes of many brands to make this type of knitted basket. You can knit your baskets with 3.5 crochet. If you like, you can also ask how many numbers will be crochet on this rope from where you took the rope. You need to knit the base in the first step of making baskets out of comb rope. You can create the base with knitting motifs that we often call needles. Be careful not to knit too tightly because the rope is too thick. If it’s too loose, it’ll break up, and if it’s too loose, it’ll be like a stone. That’s why we have to knit it with average tightness.

We have prepared for you in a narrative of the construction of an oval basket from the comb rope. You can find the tricks to make a great comb rope basket both in the video and in our content. In the construction of oval baskets, we round the dense needles on the base, form rings and continue to knit around them. If your ropes, your hair and your model are ready, you can start knitting. Below you can find a video with a description of the making of baskets from the comb rope. If you want to examine and get ideas from each other beautiful sample models after the construction, you can check out our article.

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