Pay attention to two points for success in CRM!

The main factor that makes companies exist is the customer. Companies that manage their relationships effectively by tapping 360 degrees on potential candidates and their real customers increase their sales while significantly reducing their costs. Nowadays, when it is no longer possible to increase productivity without using technology, the key to profitability is undoubtedly the right to digital transformation. This situation is the case of companies; shows how much it needs a flexible, fast and powerful CRM system.

Pointing out that the first secret of success at CRM is to choose the right solution, Gülshah Özk Yuksel answers the question of why Salesforce:

Salesforce has been noted for its innovative approach since its inception, and it made a difference with high customer satisfaction in front of big players at the time. Salesforce is the CRM company that has shown the highest contract renewal rate (Renewal Rate, 90%+) in more than 15 years. As a result, gartner has been listed as the best sales automation on the Magic Quadrant for 13 years; Salesforce, which was the leader in the entire CRM market in 2012, surpassing giants such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, has proven its undisputed leadership by continually keeping a wrang.

The first thing to watch out for is to choose the right product for the CRM you need to grow your business and increase your profitability. Choose the solution that customers love, which they don’t abandon, with the highest contract renewal rate.

Looking at user adaptation, CRM unfortunately faces a serious test. When the customers of all CRM products are examined, a user adoption rate of less than 50% appears. Even salesforce, which has the best rates, can sometimes encounter failed projects and unhappy customers. This shows that another element as important as the power of the solution is partner success.

Research estimating that business partners who fail to successfully complete Salesforce projects have reduced customer retention rate by up to 15%. Passive loyalty rates drop by about 6%. Looking at these figures, we understand that the customer who is loyal to Salesforce has shown little loyalty to his business partners. We think it’s because of the business partner’s approach. The return on investment (ROI) rate is low when customers are not directed to perform the innovative digital transformation they require, seeing Salesforce as just a kind of software system. However, as Salesforce consultants, our primary task is to build and improve your system, as well as to provide a real transformation in the way we manage customers. Thanks to this approach, we have achieved a recommendation rate of over 95% and a 100% customer loyalty rate, well above the industry average. AdColony, Borusan Holding, Ekol Logistics have managed to become salesforce service providers of the largest companies in turkey or globally. Since our inception in 2014, we have done more than 60 projects for more than 40 customers.

Choosing the right partner to get the most out of crm investment is just as important as choosing the right product. Choose a partner that customers like, don’t abandon, and have the highest rate of customer retention.

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