Patterned Round Fiber Construction

With the cooler weather, we have video-published the construction of a patterned round fiber model for knitting ladies to knit fibers.

As the weather cooled, the ladies are already knitting. Fibre lovers want to discover new fibers and make new specimens. We also include the descriptions of the fiber samples we have just discovered in its category. Thus, the ladies can follow new examples from our site without visiting another place.

I’m going to make a fiber, but if you want it to be a different model, you can try the example we’re going to share now. The fiber model was made as a round model. It is decorated with star-like patterns. Women who want to make crochet fibers may prefer this model in the first example.

Desenli Yuvarlak Lif

New examples are being made in 2018. In our shared article, we included a total of 40 examples. You can knit these beautifully visible fibers either as bath fibers or as decorative products. If you don’t know how to knit, the narrative knitting videos we have published will help you in this regard.

The production of the patterned round fiber model is in the short video below. The duration of the video is 52 minutes. In your spare time, you can watch the video make this cute fiber sample. If you are looking for different examples, you can take a look at the dozens of narrative models that we publish in the fiber samples category and find out how to make the model you like.

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