Owl Glove Making

Owl glove-making recipe. We have shared all the details of making a glove in fine detail in the making of winter knitted gloves with 2 skewers.

We are here with a new glove narration by Nur_crochet. We wrote owl gloves in the model’s name, but if you want to decorate it with different motifs, you can decorate it.

Ms. Nur shared the skewer number and noose she used for the glove in detail on her page. The explanation can be found below.

Skewer 4 no… rope baby rope but I can not give the brand i lost the paper … I started 40 stitches. I knitted 20 rows of tires. When i switch to straight knitting, I remove the stitches with 20 stitches , (i.e. the process of encircuring the bottle rope once) we do not do any bur on the opposite side of the knitting, i.e. weave all the stitches upside down. On the flat side, we continue to increase from both sides of the noose that we increased in the middle each time, and when there were a total of 15 stitches, I skewed the adjacent stitches and knitted the 15 nooses in the middle in 7 rows and closed the nodes. I continued to knit the remaining stitches, I knitted 10 rows of straight 7 rows of tires and closed the loops, you can measure your hand and knit it shorter or longer. You can sew the last edge and decorate it any way you like, my gloves will be #baykuş.

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